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  • Web site brief

    This brief is the first step to building your online business! Completing this document will give you a complete picture of how you want your online business to look and behave. If you need any help filling out the information below, please contact us.

    Client details

    Organisation Profile

    $2000 - $4000
    $4000 - $7000
  • Web site brief

    Web Site Functionality

    Email Marketing
    Online Shopping
    Contact us Web Form
    Member Only Area
    Event Bookings
    Searchable Article Database (eg: recipes property etc)
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Document/Brochure downloads
    Photo/Video Gallery
    Other web forms
  • Web site brief

    Look and Feel

    Yes - please keep the web site design in-line with my current look (please provide examples
    No - please design me a new identity/look to run across all of my other business stationery (quote will be provided)
    No - please design me a new look website and I will look into re-branding my other business stationery later

    Website Roles/Goals

    Inform - eg: provide access to catalogues/service information/policy documents etc
    Capture leads for your products/services
    Build a customer database for marketing purposes
    Sell your products/services online
    Capture bookings for your events
    Build a community around your business
  • Web site brief

    Sitemap & Site Navigation

    Please write down the pages you want to appear on your website and briefly describe each page’s purpose. Each of these pages will appear on the site’s main navigation unless you indicate otherwise.

  • Web site brief

    Existing Site Details


    eCommerce Setup

    (leave blank if not applicable)

    PayPal (buyers can pay from credit card
    savings or other account)
    A third party payment gateway (necessary for accepting credit card)